The evolution image show on this shirt is the first image we made in Kumara Creations because the story it represents is so dear to our hearts. The story is equally epic and ancient, and if you are a soul on planet earth, it is a story about you. This unorthodox version of the evolution image tells the full evolution story that includes an ancient piece of forgotten history in pictographic form. 

In the book, Opening of the Seventh Seal, the story of a soul named Sanat Kumara is told. In it, we read about the de-evolution of mankind almost to the point of apes, the auspicious advent of Sanat Kumara’s arrival to the earth, his rekindling of the divine spark in the hearts of mankind and, finally, the evolution of mankind back to their original stature. 

Today, this same spark of divinity, also called the threefold flame, still glows in the hearts of many on earth. It is a spiritual, tri-partite flame that, on average, stands a mere 1/16th of an inch high. That’s tiny! But it’s also powerful. And with attention, it can grow. If you close your eyes, quiet your mind, and gently draw your attention to the center of your chest, you might be able to feel it as a soft glow or stirring in your chest. 

Don’t worry if you don’t feel it; it often requires practice and spiritual work. This spiritual flame is made up of three plumes, each representing virtues of God that are meant to be practiced. The pink plume represents love and compassion. The central yellow plume represents wisdom and understanding. The blue plume represents power, will, and determination. Interestingly, the size of each plume reflects the degree to which we embody its associated virtues. As we fan the flames of love, wisdom and power in our hearts, our threefold flame grows. And this is a huge boon on the spiritual path.

The threefold flame is important today for the same reasons it was vital so long ago: it is literally a piece of God in our hearts that continually connects us with God. In fact, the threefold flame is so important that balancing its three plumes is one of the requirements of the ascension, which is our ultimate reunion with God. 

Needless to say, your threefold flame is a precious gift to be treasured and kept safe. Fortunately for us, there are things we can do to strengthen, balance and grow our divine sparks! To learn more about how to do this, please view the following video from the Ascended Masters 101 blog on this site.

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