a regular delivery of gratitude!

So, when are the gifts delivered? If you are a visual person (as we imagine 99.99% of people are), we put this into a graph that spans six months so you can see when each sponsorship level delivers its gifts. And don’t worry, with all the gifts flying around, you won’t lose track – we’ll email you when your next gift is ready!  

Your gifts are cumulative!

As a quick reminder, each sponsorship plan unlocks a new, higher level gift program, with the gift programs stacking upon each other so that gifts are cumulative. So you receive everything that lower level sponsorship plans get, plus the gifts associated with your sponsorship level. Here’s how it breaks down:

For us graph lovers, here is the same information in graph format!

Spark Light Candle Light  Lantern Light  Torch Light  Solar Light
Notified first when new features or products are created
Supporting The Summit Lighthouse: we donate 10% of every order to them
Supporting Kumara Creations' mission of helping share the teachings of the ascended masters throughout the globe!
Access to the first Candle light quote
Candle light quote - every 2 weeks
Special perks - every 3 months
10 % discount on every product in our store
Torch pass - access to our backstage productions - every 3 months
Custom designed, one-of-a-kind physical gifts - every 6 months
Electric Peak  Teton  Andes
System Cycle Tracking Benefits:
Personalized Cycle Tracking
Personalized Cycle Dashboard
Ability to add Cycle Notes on each line of the Cosmic Clock
Access to our support center
Access to our mobile apps for IOS and Android
Notified first when new features are added to the Cosmic Clock App
Supporting The Summit Lighthouse - we donate 10% of every order to them
Supporting Kumara Creations so we can make more awesome tools to help you on your spiritual path back home
Personal Cycle Tracking:
Yearly Switch Message
Six-Week Cycle Before Birthday Message
Change Of Sun Sign - Monthly Message
Message From The Master For The Week
Spiritual Work - Custom Monthly Call Sheet
Planetary Cycles Notifications
Summer Solstice
Winter Solstice
Spring Equinox
Autumn Equinox
Change Of The Sun Sign For The Planet - Monthly
Six-Week Cycle For End Of The Year

Needless to say, there is a lot to love, a lot to receive, and a lot of teaching-spreading that can be supported through your generosity. Again, this gift program is our way of thanking you for joining us in the mission of Kumara Creations. Because what’s even more fun than giving to a cause you truly believe in is to do so — 

and then receive gifts for it! Together, let’s do our part to support The Summit Lighthouse in sharing these incredible teachings with the world. There are others out there sharing the word as well, and we humbly and gratefully join them in the effort.