Your Return on Investment for Helping Spread these Teachings

Our “Why Become a Sponsor” page outlines the incredible spiritual value found in spreading the teachings of the ascended masters. This includes standing up as one who is answering the plea of the ascended masters to spread their word, responding to a world in desperate need of ascended master truth and, finally, accruing the good karma of doing so.

We as students of the ascended masters find this to be motivation enough to give this mission our every effort, and we are sure you feel the same. However, as a heartfelt thank you to each of you for supporting this endeavor, we would like to offer a rewards program for those who sponsor our outreach efforts monthly, which we have outlined below through five sponsorship plans.

Your Perks accumulate with each Plan

These plans stack upon one another such that you will always receive the perks for your plan, as well as the perks for lower cost plans. For example, Candle Light sponsors receive Candle light perks. However, Lantern Light sponsors receive Candle Light perks as well as Lantern Light perks. Torch Light sponsors receive Candle Light perks, Lantern Light perks and Torch Light perks, and so on. 

Perks Across the Board

Regardless of which sponsorship plan you sign up for, there are four rewards that apply across the board. Let’s discuss those first. 

First, you will be notified first when new features or products are created here at Kumara Creations through our newsletter! We invite you to sign up by clicking the newletter section in the footer of this site.  

Second, 10% of any contributions we receive are donated to The Summit Lighthouse. We are humbly grateful for all that this incredible organization has stood for and done for the world in since its founding in 1965 by Mark Prophet and it is truly our purpose to support them in their mission to spread these teachings across the globe. So you can know that by supporting us, you are supporting The Summit Lighthouse as well!

Third, you will be supporting Kumara Creations’ mission of, you guessed it, supporting The Summit Lighthouse in sharing the teachings of the ascended masters throughout the globe! You will be directly helping us to grow the Ascended Masters 101 outreach YouTube channel and to pay translators to publish the channel into different languages. You will be helping us to publish more products that translate the ascended masters’ teachings into practical, day-to-day offerings as they have asked us to do. In addition, you will be joining us in opening and expanding an area of our store dedicated to nurturing the spiritual growth of children through toys, games, puzzles, books, songs and more. The ascended masters have admonished us not to neglect the children, and we take that seriously. Plus, our own kiddos are perfect toy testers! 

Lastly, to acknowledge your support, your first name and first letter of your last name will be added to our sponsor appreciation page and on the YouTube videos as well. If you prefer, you will have the option to remain anonymous, with only your country listed. 

For example, a sponsor with the name Gail Heaven would have the option to be displayed as Gail H from England or Anonymous from England. We value your privacy. 

Now that you know what we will be using your generosity for, let’s jump into the rewards that are specific to each plan. Because we want to make this fun for you, too!

This plan costs only $5 a month. Friends, this is the price of two cookies. For most people, this should be entirely doable. And yet, every bit helps and we are so grateful. As a thank you, you will receive a one-time, custom-made quote.

This plan is just $10 a month. Add a coffee to those two cookies, and you’ve already signed up for this awesome sponsorship plan! As a thank you, every two weeks, you will receive what we call a Candle Light Quote. These are motivational, inspiring quotes that have been carefully selected to empower and encourage you on your own spiritual path. 

For those of you who remember the Crystalization of the God Flame booklets with the section of quotes in the center called “Little Keys Unlock the Biggest Doors,” you will have a sense of the sorts of quotes that will be offered in this series: short, simple, powerful reminders of God’s hand in our lives and motivational nuggets of inspiration that encourage us along life’s way. 

Each quote comes in three different style versions and each style version has two color themes to choose between. With six options, each made with beautiful typography and graphics, our hope is that you find a style that speaks to you. Choose one, two (or all six if you like) to download, print, and then frame in your home, stand up by your bedside, tape to your mirror, tuck into your prayer book… you get the idea! These are beautifully done, unique, and are only available in this format to sponsors of Kumara Creations. 

The Lantern Light plan is $15 a month. So, the cost of your snack plus a tip! Not a lot of money. But so very helpful to us as we work to spread these teachings. And the perks are fantastic! In addition to receiving the inspirational Candle Light Quotes every two weeks as outlined above, you will also join our special Lantern Light Perks program. This is a series of freshly unique, digital gifts that are based upon the teachings of the ascended masters. As a thank you for your sponsorship, perks will be unlocked every three months for you to access on your Kumara Creations My Perks page. 

Perks in this series will include spiritual visualizations that are customized to you personally, trendy craft projects to help remind you of your spiritual journey, engaging and thought-provoking activities, screen savers, phone backgrounds, online activities, and lots more! We have so many ideas for this program and are thrilled to start making them available to you!

The Torch Light plan is $20 a month. With this plan, you’ll receive the Candle Light Quotes and the Lantern Light perks of course. Then you’ll receive 10% off of every single order that you place on our Kumara Creations online store. This is our growing list of ascended-master-themed products that, by God’s grace, have been very popular. These include the 33 manifestations of Kuan Yin meditation and study cards, the Kuan Yin coloring book, the every-year Cosmic Clock calendar, the 33 Strategies of Light and Darkness study cards, apparel, and more! We are continually working to expand this offering and are almost ready to release a cosmic clock poster that teaches the cosmic clock to children, complete with 24 custom illustrations! If the ascended masters’ teachings are new to you, no worries; each product comes with ample introductory material to get you oriented.

In addition, Torch Light sponsors receive an exclusive torch pass.  This will arrive every three months, at the same time as your Lantern Light perk. Your torch pass will grant you access to a behind-the-scenes, backstage peek at Kumara Creations. You’ll see how we develop Kumara Creations’ products, Ascended Masters 101 videos, and the perks and gifts for this sponsorship program as we work to make the ascended masters a household name!

The Solar Light plan is the best plan, period. Not only because it helps us to spread the teachings the farthest but because it offers the best and the most perks. This custom plan has a minimum donation level of $25, and goes up to any amount you specify. Sponsors at this level will push the needle of outreach support the farthest and help us, together with you and God, to do the most to spread these teachings. 

Sponsors at this level receive all of the rewards of the other plans, but with one notable addition. Solar Light sponsors will receive, once every six months, a custom, physical gift mailed to you. 

These custom physical gifts are items that are designed by us. These items are meant to hold deep spiritual meaning in the culture of the teachings of the ascended masters and it is our hope that they aid you on your spiritual journey home. They can be used as spiritual focal points to help you strengthen your visualizations and meditations. They can be kept next to your altar or around your home. 

As a final note, these are gifts to you as sponsors of our outreach efforts and we humbly ask that you keep these for your own use and not distribute or post them online. There are some perks and gifts that will only ever be available to those who become sponsors of Kumara Creations. Other of the perks and gifts will eventually become available to others, but not until after a considerable time. These perks and gifts will be replaced in the sponsorship program with new offerings.