Let’s do this!

As ascended master students, our mission at Kumara Creations is to support The Summit Lighthouse in their outreach efforts. We do this by developing offerings that help spiritual seekers assimilate and apply the incredible teachings of the ascended masters in their daily lives. These include YouTube videos as well as apps and physical products.

By sponsoring us, you join us in our mission. Together, we can answer the pleas of the ascended masters to help spread their teachings. We can help meet the dire need in the world today for spiritual answers and purpose. Together we can:

Answering the Plea

The ascended masters who are tarrying with those of us still evolving on earth rather than moving on to other worlds in their own soul’s progress do so out of a true and deep love for each of us. They have already graduated from earth’s school room but desperately want to see each of us attain that same ultimate freedom. And so they have repeatedly set forth their teachings through many centuries, through many movements and organizations. Theirs is a continued, tireless effort to contact souls of light and to remind them the homeward way. 

Not only have they striven to support humanity, but they have also sacrificed greatly in order to do so. Through their great love for us, they have often put their own spiritual attainment and soul progress on the line so that we can be given the knowledge

of spiritual tools such as the violet flame, the circle and sword of Astrea, the Science of the Spoken Word, the knowledge and use of the cosmic clock and much more.

This they have done gladly. And yet they have told us repeatedly that they need our help to reach souls and to turn this world around. They need us who are their students in physical embodiment to be their hands and feet. They need us to run with their message and share it with the world. They need us to contact people heart-to-heart and tell them about this incredible path home that we have discovered. And this is what the mission of Kumara Creations is all about. It is our job to support The Summit Lighthouse in spreading these teachings. Let us be up and doing.

“You must use every means available to reach people in the physical octave.”

Gautama Buddha and Saint Germain

Pearls of Wisdom | Vol. 29, No. 21

A World in Desperate Need

The world today seems to be a chaotic, confusing place in which very little makes sense. What is right, who is right, and who’s to know if anyone’s answer to those questions is right? We are told that everything is relative and that there is no absolute, no right or wrong, and no purpose to life other than to enjoy oneself. One senses that in spirituality lies the answer, and yet when one approaches this world, one is often hit with a deluge of what the ascended masters call psychic phenomenon. Tantalizing and entertaining, yes, but not the deep soul answers that are truly needed. Who are we? Why are we here, where are we supposed to be going, and how de we get there? These are the burning questions for those who look within.

This is why the teachings of the ascended masters are so desperately needed today. They are the wall, the rock amidst the endless crashing waves of relativism and listlessness. The organization that the ascended masters founded to share their message is aptly named The Summit Lighthouse—a light in the confusion and darkness. The message of the ascended masters is not just another nice philosophy or line of thought. It is the message of what those in heaven would tell us if they had the chance. The Summit Lighthouse is that chance and the teachings of the ascended masters are that precious message. We need to listen up because THIS is the answer we’ve been waiting for for perhaps thousands of years. And for those of us who have received this message, it is upon us to share the word.

“Yes, beloved, you who have drunk from the fount must pass to others that stream unending.”

El Morya | Chief of the Darjeeling Councel

Pearls of Wisdom | Vol. 34, No. 51

Plus, Lots of Good Karma!

Accruing good karma is not the purpose of Kumara Creations, but we are aware that this is a byproduct of what we are doing. And for those who join us in our efforts at outreach, good karma is also accrued to you. In the book Strategies of Light and Darkness, Mark Prophet explains that whatever you support financially, you accrue part of its result, or its karma. For every product that you support us in developing and every video that you support us in producing, you earn a part of the good karma of that going out into the world. And every single time that video is watched and that product is purchased, you earn a portion of that good karma. 

A friend of mine recalls how, when decrees (a part of the Science of the Spoken Word) were being recorded for publication with Elizabeth Clare Prophet, that ascended master students would very much want to be apart of those decree sessions because, with their voice on the recording, they would accrue good karma every time that audio recording was played. 

This is why we at Kumara Creations love making products and videos—we make something once to the very best of our ability, and that one offering can be played or purchased over and over and is somewhat self-sustaining, like a pinwheel that is set in the ground on a windy day.  Meanwhile, our efforts can be directed towards the next offering. It’s a good return on investment in our outreach efforts. At the time of this writing, the YouTube video called The Violet Flame Explained has been watched over 38,000 times, and it took only about two weeks to produce. This is a good deal – not just for us, but for those who sponsor us. Imagine how many souls we can contact when we have the means to translate the channel!

We want to let you know that we at Kumara Creations are very careful and meticulous to correctly and accurately present ascended master thought in our products and videos. We want to make sure that we only make good karma not only for ourselves but for those who sponsor us as well!

“So, it is the real beauty of the universal Christ in all of us working together that enables us to accomplish.”

Elizabeth Clare Prophet | Messenger of the ascended masters

July 5, 1988