Dear friends!

The ascended master Mighty Victory said, “If you do not come to the test prepared, do not expect to pass the test. It is as simple as that.” 

When you are on the spiritual path, it is likely that you are receiving spiritual tests. Often. But are you passing them? Do you know what you are being tested on? Do you know which line of the cosmic clock you are on for the month? How about the year? Neither did we. The changing cycles of our personal cosmic clock can be difficult to keep track of amidst our busy lives and yet the spiritual benefits are so very worth it! So, what to do?

Cosmic Clock App – Dashboard

We are grateful to announce that the first version of a cosmic clock app is, after a number of years in the making, now available to each of you! 

In the future, the goal is for this to become a full-scale app that you can access on your phone to receive real-time updates on your personal walk around the cosmic clock. You’ll be notified when you’re switching lines for the month or year, which master you will be with, which spiritual initiations you will be receiving, when you enter your six-week cycle, etc. These are invaluable things to be aware of so we can be conscious, mindful and intentional as we pass through each line of the clock–and be that much more likely to pass our tests and secure our spiritual victories!

As you can imagine, this takes considerable programming and logic. This initial release, which you can access via the link below, is our initial publishing of the logic that will drive the backend of the app. It is phase one.

The link below will take you to your digital cosmic clock dashboard. Those of you who own the cosmic clock wall calendar that we published some years ago will be familiar with the layout. 

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