This new network structure will allow us to continue to add to the network as we build new creations for your enjoyment and use. We are hard at work with some amazing services, products and applications that are designed to aid you on your spiritual journey. As with all Kumara Creations products and services, we strive to uphold and convey what the ascended masters have presented to us through The Summit Lighthouse.

Why create a network?

The new network structure will create a better and easier experience for you! As we work to create more services these services will now have a central place for them to live. This way, you will always know where to access our services. We have noticed in the past that creating random, one-off sites only allows a small subset of people to find that product or service, so we are bringing everything under one roof. 


Our new Network of sites

We are now linking our sites for your ease of navigation!

Check back soon, we are working to add more to the network.