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This app is based upon a tradition in The Summit Lighthouse that was begun by Gautama Buddha on Jan 1, 1986 when he announced that the seven chohans of the rays had been granted approval by the Lords of Karma to open “Universities of the Spirit in each of their etheric retreats where they might welcome not dozens or hundreds but thousands and tens of thousands of students who will diligently pursue the path of self-mastery on the seven rays systematically, mastering most especially the first and the seventh rays…” (vol. 29 no. 21). It is this precious invitation from the seven chohans to attend their retreats that this app is based upon.


Kuan Yin, the revered Chinese goddess of mercy and compassion is a bodhisattva who has taken a vow to forgo nirvana and to serve others until all (including us) have found their salvation. The 25th chapter of the Lotus Sutra describes how Kuan Yin can appear in 33 forms according to the type of being that needs to be saved. This app personally introduces you to Kuan Yin and how, through her 33 manifestations and mantras, she can help you with various spiritual goals in your life, whether it be overcoming turbulent emotions, increasing your compassion, or seeking protection from your own unreal self. Kuan Yin's mantras also help to mold and soften your heart, and to bring balance, care, compassion and mercy into your life. Open your heart to Kuan Yin and see how she will transform your life through her love and practical tools for your spiritual journey.  


Take a peek at the devil’s notebook. Discover his secrets, and learn light’s brilliant counter-strategies. Summon the courage to enter the battle going on all around you—and even within you—and find out how you can have your personal victory over darkness once and for all!