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This off-the-road interpretation of the evolution story tells an even more intriguing tale than that of Darwin—that mankind actually first de-evolved almost to the point of apes and then made an about-turn back up the evolution ladder as a result of perhaps the most auspicious event in our planet’s history: the coming of Sanat Kumara to the earth. Is it a mere tale or the record of an ancient truth? If it is simply a story, many of the world’s religions will have to re-write their scriptures, as Sanat Kumara is referenced in Hinduism, Zoroastrianism, Buddhism and Christianity where he is known as Skanda, Ahura Mazda, Brahma Sanam-kumara, and “the Ancient of Days,” respectively. Sanat Kumara has recalled the events of his voluntary exile in his book, The Opening of the Seventh Seal. To learn more about Sanat Kumara, click here.


We at Kumara Creations believe that the teachings of the ascended masters released through Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet are astoundingly life-changing and have the power to propel anyone into their personal Godhood if truly applied and earnestly followed. It is the mission of Kumara Creations to share those spiritual truths in as many ways as possible. By purchasing this hoodie, you are supporting the mission of Kumara Creations. Thank you for your support!

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