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Kumara Creations line up of meditation and study cards. These card set are designed to help you focus your attention on the most important content on the subject you are study, whether its the Kuan Yin 33 manifestations or studying the strategies of light and darkness they will help you gain a deeper understanding that you will be able to take with you wherever life’s adventures take you.


Have you ever wondered how you can gain access to the merciful heart of Kuan Yin? Enclosed are cards that bring to you the ancient wisdom of the Far East in an understandable and meaningful way. Learn of Kuan Yin's antidotes to life's challenges through her 33 manifestations and how to draw her intercessory power into your life through her mantras.


You may be aware of a battle going on inside you, but did you know that there’s a cheatsheet? Yes indeed. This handy box of cards delivers to you the sparknotes to your inner life that you never knew you needed. In short, there are 33 strategies that your lower self/little me (and that of others) has been using to throw you off since time immorandum. Forunately, there is a strategy of light to neutralize each strategy of darkness, and that is what this box of cards is all about. 33 cards reveal all 66 strategies of light and darkness in fascinating detail, complete with fun illustrations that make them easy to remember. The next time you feel isolated or you simply can’t think straight, you’ll know what to do. 28-pg booklet included. Many thanks to Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet for bringing these strategies to the world’s attention.