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Thank you to everyone who has submitted a testimonial  

As we work together to make the ascended masters a household word, let’s take a few minutes to hear from those of you around the world about why you are a sponsor of Kumara Creations or how the Ascended Masters 101 channel or a product from the Kumara Creations store has helped you on your spiritual journey. 

We are so 


We are grateful to be part of your spiritual journey. Thank you for the overflowing support we have received. We are humbled by the incredible work that many of you are doing for the ascended masters and we are honored to join in the effort together to spread the ascended masters’ teachings throughout the world and help make the ascended masters a household word.

There is still much to be accomplished and many more souls to reach, but for now we leave you with these testimonials from around the globe.  

Humbly yours,

The Kumara Creations Team

Sharing the love with hearts the world around

~ We Are One ~


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