The do-it-yourself industry is growing by leaps and bounds, and as I was scrolling through Etsy one day, a unique piece grabbed my attention. It was a set of decorative wooden blocks, one sitting on top of the other. One each side of the blocks was a different scene from the timeless Peter Rabbit story, and it was so attractive! I wanted to buy it right away for our child’s nursery.

I couldn’t stop thinking about those cute blocks and about how this quaint idea could be used to help bring the culture of the ascended masters into our homes, our offices and our living spaces.

From this inspiration, the idea of the Master Block Series was born. Each ascended master showcased in this series will have a set of decorative wooden blocks, with the sides of each block devoted to celebrating this ascended master through quotes, images and illustrations that are associated with that ascended master.

These inspirational pieces of décor are meant to be displayed in our homes, offices and living spaces to remind us of the ascended masters’ real and tender presence in our lives and to celebrate their personal care for us as they guide us to the goal of our ascension.

I know that my days are filled with busyness, tasks, people and to-do lists, as yours likely are. My hope is that these blocks can serve as a calm reminder to center ourselves and to operate from that point of peace, joy, love and equanimity that the ascended masters teach us to do. Amidst the flurry of life, we are, first and foremost, students, chelas, of the ascended masters. And these blocks are meant to remind us of this.

Our beloved ascended master El Morya, the guru much adored by those who are so honored as to call themselves his students, will be starting us off in this series. Our hope is to come out with a set dedicated to our beloved Jesus in the near future.

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