Welcome to the Torch Pass Program!

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Welcome to the Candle Light Quote Program!

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Welcome to the Candle Light Quote Program!

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Dear friends,
Thank you for supporting Kumara Creations and Ascended Masters 101 by signing up for the sponsorship program! We are so grateful for your contribution, it really makes a difference as we work together to share the teachings of the ascended masters. Below please find an orientation video that will help you to access your account page and download your digital gifts.

The Kumara Creations Team

Hello everyone, and thank you so much for your sponsorship! To access your gifts, please visit KumaraCreations.com, and scroll to the top of the page where you’ll see the link that says, my perks. This link is also down here in the footer. Click on that link. If you’re not signed in, click down here where it says “log in”. You can also log in by clicking on my account in the top header. Either way, you will use the same username and password that you used to sign up for the sponsorship program. So you enter your username and password here, and you will be taken to your my perks page.

You’ll notice that your gifts are in two tabs. This left tab, called “available” shows all the gifts that you have access to. Here you can see when each gift became available. Your most recent gifts will always be at the top of the list. Once you have access to more than ten gifts, the oldest gifts will be placed on other pages. You can click through your pages of gifts down here.

This tab on the right is called “next available.” If you look at this column, you’ll see when each new gift will be unlocked as a thank you for your support. As time goes by, more and more gifts will become active and will show up in the left tab as available presents for you to come open!

If you signed up for the candle light program, your list of gifts will consist of a new candle light quote every two weeks. If you signed up for the lantern light program, you’ll see candle light quotes every two weeks in the queue, as well as a lantern light perk every three months. For torch light sponsors, you’ll see all that as well as a backstage pass invitation every three months. And for the solar light sponsors, you’ll see all of the above, plus a physical gift every six months.

So, let’s go check out your very first gift! Here is candle light quote number one. You have access to this right away, as soon as you become a sponsor. We’ll click on this blue button here that says view, and it takes us to a page that talks all about this first candle light quote.

On the right side is the quote or affirmation. For this one, we made two versions of an affirmation for you to choose between. On the left side is a description of the quote – a little about why this quote of affirmation is special or important on the spiritual path.

If you scroll down, you’ll see three tabs. This left tab is where you’ll see the six graphic design versions of the quote for you to choose between. You can click the arrows to the right or left of the image to look through the six different options. Once you’ve found one that you like, take note of the description beside the picture. I personally like this one the best, this one is called gold tree.

If there is a video that relates to this quote, you can find it in the middle tab, right here. You can also visit the tab on the right side to view three short tutorials on the next steps of how to download, print and display the quote you’ve chosen. We recommend you watch these at least once. This video will always be available here for reference in case you’d like a reminder. Then you’ll scroll down and select this button to visit the Kumara Creations store to download your quote! The tutorial videos will show you what to do next.

One other thing I want to quickly show you is your account dashboard. If you click on “my account” in the top header, this is where you can manage all things related to your account. The subscriptions tile allows you to manage your sponsorship subscription. You can cancel it, view or change your payment method, view your invoice, etc. The my orders tab shows you all your order through Kumara Creations, which includes orders from the kumara Creations store as well as digital orders. The my account tile allows you to edit your name, email, and change your password. To acknowledge your support, we’d like to list you on our sponsor appreciation page on kumaraCreations.com. This page lists the first name, the first letter of the last name, and the country of each of our sponsors. If you’d prefer to be fully anonymous, this is the area where you can set that preference. To do so, simply click “anonymize my name” and your name will replaced with anonymous.
The payment tile allows you to edit payment details. The address tile is where you can update your address on file, and the downloads tile is where all of your downloaded files will live. So after you go to the store to download your images, they will live here. This includes your candle light quotes and your lantern light perks. So if you love all six versions of a candle light quote, for example, you can download them all and they will all live here in your downloads tile.

So, as a last reminder, the my perks tab is where you go to view and choose your gifts and perks, and the my account tab is where they will live ever after that for your reference. Thank you again for your sponsorship and support, and God bless you.

Your support means so much to us! 

We hope you enjoy your sponsorship perks as much as we enjoyed creating them. Thank you for your support as we work together to make the Ascended Masters a household word.